Conduit Pipes

( Plastic Pipes )

Concealed electrical wiring has become thenorm of the day in modern construction. For safety and security of theinstallation, conduit pipes of different strengths are used to encase thewiring and placed in grooves carved on the brick surface, before the walls andceilings are plastered and cemented.


Since the conduit pipes are inlaid, theyshould remain intact for the life of the building Ensuring safety fromelectrical and fire hazards, our conduit pipes also stand the test of timeagainst all kinds of weather conditions.





 16 mmto 63 mm




 Light,Medium & Heavy mechanical Stress




Used in electrical wiring purposes withinresidential complexes, offices etc.





Nonconductor of Electricity & low thermalconductivity.

Smooth interior.

Easy wire pulls.

Light weight material.

Fire retardant.

Corrosion resistant.

Long life.

High tensile and impact strengths.

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