Spray Tank

( Plastic Engineering Machinery )

60 liter and 100 liter Spray pressure tank sare from Type 316 marine grade stainless steel. All welding is gas back purged, and performed by expert welders in dairy grade standard. Scroll down to view pictures. Both tanks come with:

  •     10 mm nylon level viewing tube
  •     15 mm(1/2") bottom F/M threaded elbow - 50 mm (2") top thread/funnel
  •     8 mm(1/4") F/M airline supply socket
  •     15 mm(1/2") Male, air bleed
  •     Optional- funnel
  •     Optional- 2" PVC ball valve
The 8 mm (1/4") air feed socket is welded to a length of 12 mm tube which terminates close to the bottom of the tank to create air agitation of the product.  The recommended operating pressure is 60 psi, and the tanks are tested to 120 psi.  60 Liter and 100 Liter tanks currently in stock.        
  • 60 Liter Teat Sprayer Tank
  • Height to top of funnel: 950 mm 
  • Diameter: 455 mm

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